Behind every number, a story


Sometimes it's a story of struggle


Sometimes, of change


Data humanism is the strategy


Transforming lives, the result

We center the voices that animate your data while maintaining a constant connection to the human experiences that underlie it. We use grounded methods to elevate the human stories in your data.

We specialize in collecting, rigorously analyzing, humbly interpreting, and communicating data provided by folks who have been historically treated as outliers – marginalized and silenced.

We have extensive experience implementing continuous quality improvement and change frameworks with hard-to-reach and historically marginalized populations. 

We humanize data rather than datifying humans – through context, data-infused appreciative inquiry (the other AI), participatory processes, and anti-oppression frameworks.

When data is localized, contextualized, and driven by compassion, it lifts up the voices of those who are most impacted and reveals pathways to change.  It becomes rooted in the human experience.

The forest + the trees

Our priority is to humanize your data so that it evokes meaning, provokes action, and creates impact

Small data, big impact

We are data whisperers, coaxing stories of consequence from data by localizing it, listening to it, steeping it in context

The forest + the trees

We offer tools, methods and professional services for devising data strategy, building analytic capacity, and achieving data maturity – to transform systems and change lives.

We provide virtual data leadership on demand through temporary, interim, or small ongoing engagements.  Virtual data leadership fills a gap when you need data and analytics subject matter expertise while you are in between staff hires, or only need part-time data leadership expertise, or have a stand-alone project.  It is a highly cost-effective and flexible solution especially suited for small-to-medium organizations or small networks of service providers who want to leverage data expertise while staying within a budget or timeline.   

Measuring systems change can require deep exploration during the planning stage, flexible adaptation of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools during the formative stage, and the use of robust but engaging tools during the monitoring and assessment stage.  Whether drafting a theory of change to guide the development of the proper measures, designing a systems map to anticipate intended effects and impacts, or devising a system improvement plan that relies on rapid cycle evaluation, training and technical assistance will provide the tools that are necessary to launch your effort or implement your plan.

Data storytelling engages your stakeholders and makes an impact.  It demonstrates where you’ve been, describes where you are at, and reveals pathways that will get you to where we want to go.  It provides localized, contextualized information that helps convert data into insight, insight into action. And it’s a necessary reporting and communication strategy given expectations that have emerged during the big data era.  Fortunately it’s achievable using low-cost/no-cost tools coupled with staff training and mentoring.  Bottom line? Your data is waiting to get talking. 

Some scenarios:  A stakeholder group wants insight into a specific subpopulation in order to design tailored interventions.  A planning project cries out for a survey of those who are impacted, from program staff to persons with lived experience.  An equity analysis requires census tract data to determine whether disparities exist at a contextual level. A funder is requesting a Social Return On Investment calculation for a grant proposal.  All of these are examples of when you might want to conduct a robust analysis but don’t have the time or capacity to do so.  Analytics On Demand provides a solution: You gain expert data prep, analytics and reporting while preventing staff burnout and staying within budget. 

Catalyst Kits accelerate your capacity to analyze, visualize, and harness data to effect long-term change. The kits focus on specific data practice domains that provide the building blocks you need to establish an inspired holistic data-driven culture. Catalyst kits consist of a suite of Training and TA services such as workshops, train-the-trainer tutorials, user guides, low-code/no-code data tools, templates, blueprints and strategic roadmaps. You select the kit components, determine the timeline, and define your preferred level of participation.  Together we decide exactly what outcomes you want to achieve and then we get to work.

See the Forest

And the Trees

Creating change in complex systems is difficult and slow.  Maddening and inspiring. Humbling and filled with hope.  

Effective data strategy helps chart the way.

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