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Build Analytic Capacity | Achieve Data Maturity | Transform Systems | Change Lives

We are available for those times and places when you need expertise, technical skill, flexibility, partnership and partner rates. We specialize in high impact projects | short-term bespoke projects | interim or bridge services | capacity building projects that need an injection of robust technical assistance | Ongoing small engagements. Human-sized data required!

Data Leadership

We provide virtual data leadership on demand through temporary, interim, or small ongoing engagements.  This may include developing a data strategy, assessing data literacy, or creating a road map for data culture transformation.

Data Storytelling

Data storytelling engages your stakeholders through narrative, visualizations, and data. It provides localized, contextualized information that helps convert data into insight, insight into action, and action into impact.  

Analytics On Demand

Analytics on demand provides flexible, customized data analysis, visualization and/or strategic data communication for bespoke data projects, projects that require enhanced capacity, one-off surveys and the like.

Measuring Change

Measuring systems change may require deep exploration during the planning stage, flexible adaptation of data collection tools during the formative stage, and the use of robust but engaging tools during the monitoring and assessment stage. We will meet you where your system change effort is at and provide expert guidance, coaching, and TA. 

Catalyst Kits

Catalyst kits accelerate your capacity-building efforts by bundling a suite of TA services: training or workshops, tools and templates, interactive user guides, low-code or no code automations, strategic roadmaps, blueprints or accelerators customized to meet your needs. 

Some example kits >

Includes an assessment of data literacy and maturity, development of a modern data strategy, and a customized action plan 

Provides customized training and follow up TA in the 5 step ad hoc analytics process developed by Waypoints and adopted by HUD

Provides guidance and coaching in how to design surveys, polls, exit interviews, listening circles etc. to collect, analyze, and integrate qualitative (narrative) data from those who are most impacted — in order to humanize and strengthen existing quantitative reporting

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